In a world surrounded by increasing stress and mounting pressure, Andrew Magrath shares life changing keys that will empower you to navigate through the darkest times with clarity and supernatural peace.

In this life changing book you will learn:

  • The Peace Formula

  • That your personal victory over anxiety has greater implications than you may realise.

  • How to leave your pain and discover God’s provision.

  • How to rightly define bitter experiences so you can move forward.

  • That God is deeper than your lowest point and He has a plan to lift you out of your problems

  • How the Holy Spirit works with you to bring breakthrough and strategic direction.

  • How to take authority over your storm.

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Finding Peace in Troubled Times’.
Andrew Magrath has been given a powerful revelatory key for our personal relationship with God.
He writes, ‘Our personal victory over anxiety has far reaching implications’ and he shows us exactly how laying hold of the supernatural peace of God becomes a weapon in our warfare.
Andrew is a great Australian author who writes with clarity and passion. He shares tremendous pastoral wisdom for living that is extremely practical and relevant to our everyday walk with God. I highly recommend you this excellent book.

Phil Mason – Spirtual Director, New Earth Tribe

I want to highly recommend this incredible new book ‘Finding Peace in Troubled Times’ by Andrew Magrath.
The personal teaching and testimonies of standing in faith and rest through difficult times will bring fresh insight and perspective to your life. This book is filled with amazing faith, hope and revelation that will lift you into the Glory of God. This is a must read for all.

Jeff Jansen – Global Fire Ministries International

This book by Andrew Magrath is filled with revelation that will infuse you with a new sense of hope in the midst of your darkest hour. It is one of the best books I have read about the power of peace that draws on the resources of the kingdom and assists you in navigating through troubled times!
This is a ‘must read’ for anyone going through overwhelming circumstances that cannot be explained.

Greg Mohr – Director of Charis Bible College

Andrew has written this book from personal experience as well as years of successful pastoral ministry. It is written with sensitivity and revelatory insight into issues that each of us face daily.
It is practical, powerful, and will hugely impact your life.

Fini de Gersigny – Co-founder Jubilee Church, Sydney

Whether you are currently going through a crisis or not this book provides keys to align yourself with God's assignment and to see His provision. I deeply respect Andrew and his family for sharing the insights that have brought them through potentially devastating times.
It's a great easy read, packed with proven revelatory gems!

Adrian Beale – Co-Author: The Divinity Code

What our friends say

Andrew is a seasoned pastor with a deep heritage in the gospel. His revelation is fresh, vital and has been tested and born fruit in his vibrant, growing local church, Hope City Church, Melbourne.
Hope City is a church with tremendous liberty in the Holy Spirit and where the revelatory gifts flow in both adults and children. What Andrew teaches has been forged through years of maturing and it will bless and build truth into your life.

Fini de Gersigny – Jubilee Church Sydney.

I have invited Andrew Magrath to minister into our church on multiple occasions, in various forums and for numerous reasons; including Sunday-services, prophetic workshops, and discreet leadership-only situations.
We have travelled together for overseas ministry, stayed in each-other’s homes, and even shared holiday time together with our families.
As one who knows Andrew & Karen both in and outside the pulpit, I gladly recommend them to any church; and especially those who seek to grow in both a theological and experiential knowledge of God’s glory and grace.

Chad Mansbridge– Bayside Church International

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